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Free your classroom stress, anxiety, and distractions

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What’s included in the

Tapping in the Classroom Teacher Training?

Why Would You Do this Training?

 ✓ Immediate access to the complete online program

✓ Email notifications weekly to stay on track

✓ 11 online lessons (equals 20 hours of professional training) + bonus lessons

✓ All course materials, including the latest research and evidence, videos and downloadable handouts

✓ Practical applications of the skills during the lessons

✓ Practical suggestions for tapping to be used within a class or educational setting

✓ Opportunity to connect face to face with other participants in the online forum

✓ Support from the course facilitator in the online forum

✓ Lifetime access to the online resources on website

✓ Certificate of completion

✓ Access to specific online Masterclasses after completion

 ✓ You are a teacher wanting to learn effective stress management tools to use in a classroom everyday

✓ You want to help students have better focus and concentration, and less stress and anxiety

✓ You want to show your students how to feel calm and respond to difficult emotions in a self-empowered way

✓ You want your students to reach their highest potential academically and personally

✓ You’d like less stress, anxiety and overwhelm yourself

✓ You’d like to rekindling your motivation for teaching

✓ You’d personally like an increase in happiness, energy and a sense of wellbeing

✓ You’d like a complete training program with all handouts and materials to guide the use of tapping in a classroom (and the best training manual ever!)

Dr Peta Stapleton

Dr Peta Stapleton


Dr. Peta Stapleton is a clinical/health psychologist and an Associate Professor at Bond University (Australia) who embraces evidence-based practice and is passionate about new and innovative techniques. She has led many world first studies including investigating the impact of Tapping (EFT) in the brain through a fMRI study. While known for her food cravings research using Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘Tapping’, Peta has most recently led the way to having this stress reduction tool be included in schools worldwide. She also delivers Evidence Based EFT® as a skills training for health professionals and has been recognised with the American Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research in energy psychology, the Global Weight Management Congress Industry Professional Award of Excellence, and the greatest contribution to the field of Energy Psychology. In 2019 Peta was named Psychologist of the Year by the Australian Allied Health Awards and released The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House). See Peta’s research page at Bond University for publications.

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Here is an overview of the full Program.

It is 11 Modules equivalent to 20 hours.

1 What is Tapping or EFT? How it works and why it is so effective
2 How to do Tapping + the research and evidence
3 Tapping for doubt and stress
4 Tapping for fear, bullying, jealousy and more
5 Tapping for student beliefs and for anger
6 Tapping to achieve goals How to do Positive Tapping
7 How teachers can use Tapping
8 Practical classroom implementation
9 Tapping for Gifted Students
10 Tapping for Younger Children (under 5 years)
11 Tapping for Teens (specific video and audio files just for teens)
Extra Tapping Videos just for Teachers

Bonus Modules Practical resources for the classroom, including sample letters, research and evidence.