Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) offers training in Clinical EFT (tested in clinical research trials) for lay people wanting to achieve accreditation or health professionals seeking to upskill.

The objectives of the Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) Premium Accreditation include:

● Providing a high-quality training that align with the guidelines of the USA Cognitive Somatic Energy Practices National Standards working document
● Establishing a recognition symbol to indicate all training requirements have been met
● Creating an expert level training with its recognition symbol (accreditation in EBEFT)

This Evidence Based EFT Training has been accepted as an International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) Approved Training Provider.

This training is highly experiential. You will apply the EFT technique to your own circumstances in order to learn how to apply it to clients. Please be prepared to engage at this level for a maximum learning experience.

EBEFT considers accreditation to be very important. Existing clinicians working with clients in a therapy context, or novice practitioners who are developing their EFT skills will find the process of accreditation will enhance their expertise, quality and competency in using EFT with a wide range of clients. Developing a high level of proficiency is vital for comprehensive client care, and the benefits of accreditation include:

• Maximises the teaching and learning experience of EFT training
• Ensures ethically sound and robust EFT clinical practice
• Enhances quality control in the EFT field
• Opportunity for practitioners to demonstrate competence in using EFT